Are leftist radicals joining with ISIS to terrorize the West? The possibility is a reality according to Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars:

Watson refers to a manifesto entitled BLACK FLAGS FROM ROME: European Muslims allying with Left-wing Activists. It’s clearly stated in the manifesto that jihadists and left-wingers “will start to work together in small cells of groups to fight and sabotage against the financial elite.”



This really shouldn’t be surprising for anyone who has been following the anarchy and chaos in Europe. Groups of roaming thugs are creating total chaos with violence and torching of cars. Sound familiar? We had the very same thing with the anti-Trump crowd at the inauguration.


One really telling thing happened to bar patrons when a protester came up to the window and taunted people with a picture of an ISIS flag and then a video of a beheading. So now we’re being taunted by ISIS propaganda in the streets of America?


One solution is to COME DOWN HARD on these violent protesters. Law and Order should be brought back to kill the politically correct attitude we had for 8 long years.

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