It was a complete social media meltdown yesterday after the bipartisan meeting with President Trump on school and gun safety at the White House. The very open discussion with the press in attendance is a new thing with this presidency. While transparency is a good thing, it can also become a downfall for politicians who might have something they say be taken out of context. The full meaning of what the person said isn’t revealed because of the nature of quick soundbites and bantering between lawmakers. It has been said that making legislation is like making sausage. Trump found that out the hard way yesterday when he was berated on social media for comments he made about gun control and due process.

Support from a very unlikely source has just come out:

Senator Jeff Flake hasn’t been a Trump supporter and has locked horns with the president in the past. It’s why we’re shocked that Flake said Thursday that President Donald Trump “misspoke” a day earlier when he said he’d prefer to “take the guns first” and worry about due process later when dealing with people who could pose a danger to society.


Social media was on fire after the bipartisan meeting on gun school safety. President Trump was bantering with different lawmakers when he made the comment aimed at preventing school attacks like the one in Parkland, Florida:

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Politico reports:

Flake, who was at the meeting, said he heard the comment, but he essentially gave Trump a pass, telling CBS News Thursday that everyone should just “move ahead” and not dwell on the remark, which veered well away from typical Republican views on gun rights.

“Anything we have introduced in the Congress respects due process,” Flake said. “It was a bit astonishing to hear the language there, and people around the table were shaking their heads, but you can chalk that up to that he misspoke. Let’s move ahead. It was a lot of excitement afterward that he might actually lead on this, and we need that.”


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