Today was another historic day in America, as the Senate overwhelmingly approved the USMCA or the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement.

Breitbart News reports – Lawmakers voted 89 to 10 to pass the legislation ratifying the agreement, sending it the White House for the president’s signature. The development comes one day after China agreed to purchase an additional $200 billion in U.S. goods and services over the next two years as part of their “phase one” trade agreement.

The House approved the agreement 358-41 on December 19th, following more than a year of talks between White House officials and congressional leaders.

The USMCA maintains much of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), but will usher in new trade considerations, such as 75 percent of vehicle parts must be made in the three countries to be tariff-free. Additionally, 45 percent of car parts must be made by workers earning a $16 hourly wage. Further, the deal will expand U.S. farmers’ access to Canada’s dairy market.

President Donald Trump signed the deal with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and then-Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto in November of last year. At the time, the president called it the “largest, most significant, modern and balanced trade agreement in history.”

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer lauded the agreement’s signage, saying it is expected to create up to 589,000 American jobs and spur additional economic growth.

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So why was Democrat presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders one of the “no” votes?

According to White House Communications – The Senate just voted to approve the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade deal, which will create new American jobs, increase workers’ wages and grow the economy while boosting American auto manufacturing, agriculture, and farmers:

  • The USMCA would create an estimated 76,000 jobs in the auto industry, $34 billion in new auto manufacturing investment, and $23 billion in new annual purchases of auto parts.
  • American manufacturing workers would receive the largest percentage gains in wages, new jobs, and exports.

But socialist Bernie Sanders just proudly voted AGAINST new jobs and higher wages for Americans workers. Why? Because the deal “does not mention climate change” or do enough for Mexican workers.

Sanders is willing to sacrifice blue-collar jobs and better wages, even as he enjoys flying fossil-fuel burning private jets on an almost daily basis.

Sanders’ vote against the USMCA is only the latest example of him hypocritically prioritizing his extreme liberal ideology over the well-being of millions of U.S. workers.

  • Sanders supports extreme open-borders immigration policies that even he admits depress American workers’ wages.
  • Sanders rails against the wealthy—but he’s a millionaire who owns three houses.
  • Sanders routinely attacks Amazon but reportedly spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars on Amazon office products last year.

While Democrats like Sanders continue to sacrifice jobs and wages in the name of their extreme liberal ideology, President Trump is keeping his promise to fight for American workers and put their interests firsts.​

  • President Trump: “At long last, Americans have a government that puts them first at the negotiating table. First in trade, first in every deal, every decision, and every action we take with incredible enforceability.”

Senator Sanders opposes Trump’s America-First trade deal because it doesn’t mention climate change or do enough for Mexican workers


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