Hollywood actor Sean Penn doesn’t think Americans should be able to own guns to protect themselves. He does, however, think Americans should open up their checkbooks and send Ukraine a blank check so they can buy weapons to protect themselves. Sounds a bit hypocritical—don’t you think?

At a charity auction for Haiti relief in 2014, Sean Penn announced that he had given up his 67-gun collection and was now an anti-gun activist.

“I’m a self-proclaimed Alpha male who owns 67 firearms,” Penn told the crowd of adoring Hollywood actors and Democrat journalists, including Andersen Cooper.

“But I’ve had my mind changed about guns by a strong woman, a beautiful South African woman.”

(Penn was referring to his girlfriend at the time, actress and anti-gun activist Charlize Theron)

“I don’t need these cowardly instruments of violence and destruction; none of us do!” Penn proclaimed as he announced that the “highest bidder” would receive a sculpture that was made out of his collection of guns.

Last month, the former anti-war activist, Sean Penn, appeared on the disgraced former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s show, where he attempted to explain why it’s okay for Ukraine and NATO nations to fight in a war against Russia and called for US vets to risk their lives and go to Ukraine to fight with them.

Penn also appeared with Sean Hannity on his prime-time Fox News show ten months ago, where he suggested nuclear weapons should be used against Russia.

The agnostic actor concluded his interview with Hannity by making yet another curious statement, “If there is a God, there will be vengeance, beyond all possible comprehension,” for the evil committed against Ukrainian citizens. It’s interesting to see someone who allegedly doesn’t believe in God, to warn Russians that, in the end, God will have the last word, and His fury will be great for those who’ve killed and maimed innocent Ukrainians.

The Hollywood actor appeared with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, where he praised Joe Biden for his trip to Ukraine. Penn seems to have missed the fake war sirens that blared while Joe walked gingerly to his designated (painted) spot on the cement floor for his carefully staged press conference with Ukraine President Zelenskyy or his confusion while attempting to read his prepared statements to the press.  Penn didn’t say how Biden’s trip helped the Ukrainians, just that it “helped.”

The formerly anti-war activist who’s visited and embraced some of the most brutal leaders, including Venezuela’s dictator Hugo Chavez and Mexican drug cartel kingpin El Chapo, told the CNN host that America needs to send “more long-range precision weapons” and “fighter jets” to Ukraine. Penn warned that the US is being “overly cautious” in its fear of nuclear weapons.


What do you think about Sean Penn’s opinions on Ukraine?

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