The “peaceful protesters” who are anything but peaceful, are planning on having a violent temper tantrum when President Trump wins reelection. Because of the fear of a repeat of last summer’s riots, cities are boarding up in preparation. How sad that Democrat-led cities like DC are getting ready for violence if Democrats lose.

As Andy Ngo reports, the preparations by Antifa and BLM are not as much about the election as they are about the fact that the violent leftist groups want a revolution in America. They are taking advantage of the election occurring to further their desire for chaos in the streets. Their preparations, according to Ngo are for riots and violence until they get what they want:

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Ngo tweeted out an ominous warning of what’s to come:

Photos below show DC being boarded up in preparation for the election:

According to Metro DC Police, 250 National Guardsmen have been put on notice in case of violence. The installation of an unscalable fence around the White House is in preparation for the goons who have been causing trouble in the city since the summer.

Business owners are worried about the next days after the election. Adam Tuss interviewed a few concerned people:


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