Antifa and BLM are killing New York City. Joe Biden called Antifa “Just an idea” but this idea has morphed into an anti-American monster.

After the riots last summer, the city was trying to limp back to life, but now Antifa and BLM are threatening to put a final dagger in the heart of the Big Apple by ratcheting up the chaos once again.

Drew Hernandez reports on the scene in NYC where businesses are being boarded up for fear of riots after the election:

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Female officers are harassed with disgusting language by Antifa and BLM:

Unhinged and angry people:

The thugs are already out in the streets, harassing police officers and chanting disgusting things during a march in Chelsea.

“How does it feel to be a Nazi?”

Antifa calling for the death of the NYPD:

The videos above are further evidence that these groups are bad actors who are willing to kill their own city with a violent temper tantrum if they don’t get what they want:

“Shut it down”

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