The Antifa “anti-fascists” marched through the heart of New York City this morning, calling for an end to “fascism”…The irony is rich.

Antifa is doing exactly what they claim to be against. By silencing all dissent, THEY are the fascists.

The bigger question should be: What is the end-game that these supposed “antifascists” want?

Think about it…a woman on Twitter with the name “usa is a failed state” just retweeted a tweet from leftist fascist Robert Reich who was Secretary of Labor under the Clinton administration:

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Antifa is constantly virtue signaling by claiming they are against racism and fascism, but pro-Trump supporters are also against these two things. There is something much deeper and more sinister going on with this group. The founders of Antifa have admitted that they are “trained Marxists”…

What do they need a “shield line” for?

The invitation to the march is below:

This is the group that Biden called “just an idea” and Nadler called a “myth”…

While the media tries to paint Trump supporters as the seditionists…Antifa are the TRUE seditionists…

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