Antifa attacked a GOP club in New York City overnight in the latest effort by the left to see who can go lowest. The Metropolitan Club has been in NYC for 130 years and is hosting speaker Gavin McInnes so Antifa decided to attack. This has gotten so out of hand and hasn’t been helped by the leaders in the Democratic Party who are stoking the flames of violence. The group left a note saying “this is only the beginning…”

Maybe this should be the beginning of severe punishment for these thugs. Isn’t it way past time to severely punish this group that really is a terrorist group because all they do is vandalize everything in their path?

Antifa and other extremist groups continue to act out in ways that just turns people away from them. It’s why the #WalkAway movement has exploded.


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What in the world is accomplished by vandalizing a Republican Club that’s 130 years old and is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan? If intimidation is the goal, we can bet you these people aren’t intimidated but fired up and angry.

Antifa used glue in the locks and code pad on the door.

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Chadwick Moore has an update on this attack with the good news that there is surveillance video of the two men who did this:

Sources inside the Met Club say two men were caught on surveillance cameras committing the attack. NY GOP Chairman Ed Cox has condemned the violence and called on Democrats to defuse their violent rhetoric, and “cease inciting these attacks and urge civility.”

#WalkAway Throw the book at them!


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