A disabled veteran was tormented by a group of Antifa thugs…It’s hard to believe this happened but it did. Shame on these people!

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The Berkeley, California anti-Trump protesters got a dose of reality today when pro-Trump patriots fought back. Video after video posted on twitter shows the pro-Trump group fighting back against the Antifa Anarchists.
One video in particular shows a punk anarchist telling a veteran he’s “un-American”…Huh? Since when is it unAmerican to serve your Country? This punk immediately got an earful from the veteran. It’s beyond pitiful and sad that this kid wasn’t taught about our heroes. The kid is lucky someone didn’t knock him out…Disgusting!


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***WARNING***This video is very disturbing!

Try to imagine this brave man who voluntarily enlisted in our US military, traveled halfway around the world to Afghanistan where he risked his life to defend our nation against some of the most evil people on the planet, only to come home to some of the most evil people in America shouting, “F*ck off Nazi scum!” in his face. The saddest part of this video is watching the Afghanistan veteran actually attempt to have dialogue with these anti-American jack-asses, who are likely only there to collect a paycheck from George Soros.

The crime of attending the free-speech rally in and of itself, was enough to anger these anti-Americans, but the moment this veteran admitted to supporting President Trump, the angry Alt-Left crowd began to come unhinged. Would this video of an Afghanistan veteran, who appears to be all by himself in a large group of violent, Soros funded Antifa thugs,  be splashed all over every network in America if he was verbally assaulted by this group of masked cowards for defending Barack Obama during his presidency? If we didn’t know better, we’d almost think there was a double standard in America.

There is no place for these types of violent, masked cowards in America. President Trump was correct to not defend these Antifa thugs, who’ve been laying low in their parent’s basements after they got pummeled by conservatives who fought back against their attacks in California.

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