After a group of anarchists took over a 7-block area of Seattle, it was called a “block party” and so “peaceful,” but there is trouble in this so-called “Autonomous Zone.” It’s not all fun and games. This is how they want it. Just listen to the video below where a leader of Antifa says if “white America” doesn’t listen, then they will burn more cities.

These are militant anarchists who are serious about spreading this violent movement to every city:

“The only time we are heard is when we burn sh*t down & if white America doesn’t want to get it right they are going to see more burning, more looting. Your kids are going to college, my kids are going to jail”

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Here is Marquez pictured with MN AG Keith Ellison:

YouTube video version of statement from Marquez:

There is no freedom of religion, nor is there freedom of speech in CHAZ. This is not the “Summer of Love” that the Seattle Mayor said it would be. Just ask the people being attacked for expressing their freedom of speech or religion:

Only approved ideas are allowed? No Christian street preachers?

A woman tried to walk through CHAZ with an American flag and had it ripped from her:

The destruction of the property looks like toddlers were allowed to run wild. It’s pathetic and accomplishes nothing except more job losses for the people of the city.

Andy Ngo walked through the area:

A naked man runs through CHAZ because he can:

Anarchist-Communist” flag flies:


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