An Antifa militant had a meltdown this weekend in the aftermath of a pro-Palestine protest as Chris Elston wore a sign saying that children ‘cannot consent to puberty blockers.’

The masked Antifa demonstrator approached Elston and accosted him for wearing the sign, calling him a ‘f*cking fascist’ and saying that Elston was propagating ‘anti-LGBTQ propaganda.’

“This guy is trying to propagate anti-LGBTQ propaganda. He is trying to tell children they are not allowed to be trans.” The demonstrator said.

After an exchange between the demonstrator and Elston, onlookers started to intervene, most of them siding with Elston.

Three Muslim women responded to the demonstrator’s accusation that Elston was ‘trying to tell children they are not allowed to be trans’ by agreeing with Elston that they are not allowed to be.


He then cursed at the Muslim women before they laid in to him.

“In some religions, you can’t do that, you have to respect that,” one of the women said. “In the three Abrahamic religions, LGBTQ is forbidden,” stated another.

The women then ask him what religion he believes in, causing him to walk off and refuse to engage with Elston or onlookers further.

Before the three Muslim women approached, the Antifa member could be heard saying that children aren’t being sterilized, even though sex change surgeries make people who receive them infertile.

He also said that Elston was ‘enforcing the parent’s control over a person’s body.’

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