The brainwashed ‘woke’ snowflakes believe America is “stolen land,” so it must be destroyed. They are doing it one statue at a time and one storefront at a time. Over Thanksgiving, Antifa terrorists destroyed several statues honoring veterans who fought so they could speak freely about their hate for America. They also destroyed several storefronts in Portland.

This is why we are fighting so hard for our very patriotic president. He puts America first and doesn’t apologize for it! We cannot go back to the Obama policies of apologizing for any perceived wrong against anyone or any other country. Remember Obama’s apology tour? What an embarrassment!

The photo below is heartbreaking. This must stop.

“Fu** USA” graffitied on the base of a statue that was toppled in Lone Fir Cemetery sometime this morning. The statue was erected in 1902 in honor of Indian, Spanish-American, Mexican, and Civil War Veterans.

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Antifa also destroyed several storefronts and sprayed graffiti everywhere: “F**k Thanksgiving”

“Stolen Land”

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