The left actually believes this? And they call us deplorable?

ANTIFA thugs repeatedly call President Trump, his administration, and his supporters Nazis.

When asked how to deal with Nazis in America, ANTIFA suggests violence and says, “kill them.”

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Leave it to the unhinged leftists to threaten the life of our president during the “Women’s March” that turned out to be a hate fest across the country.  This was no march in support of women but a march against the current administration. The marchers were all over the place on why they were marching.  A “communist utopia” was mentioned by one marcher…Good thing for her it’s not illegal to be stupid…

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Austen Fletcher, purveyor of Fleccas Talks, hit the streets of Los Angeles to better understand why the women marching were so triggered by Donald Trump.

While many Women Marchers struggled to explain why they dislike Trump so much, one person issued a direct, crystal clear death threat against Trump and Vice President Pence.

While sitting on the curb, the frumpy, purple-haired human identifying as a woman told Fletcher her sign said, “Kill Donald Trump, Kill Mike Pence. It’s guillotine time, bitches!”

When asked what her sign meant, she said, “I think that we should kill Donald Trump,” as she and her friends laughed.

“And I think we should also kill Mike Pence because I wouldn’t want him in office, either.”

She said she objected to people “making money off the struggles of women and, like, women of color, and like, people of color in this country.”

She went on to say she wants a “communist utopia,” but conceded “that’s pretty hard to do.”

It’s not clear if the Secret Service is investigating the threat against Trump and Pence.




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