No one said the Antifa crowd is smart and for good reason. Several incidences caught on video have confirmed that these people are not the brightest bulbs.

Antifa has been using fireworks as weapons against police and the public. One Antifa thug wasn’t so lucky when he tried to light fireworks outside the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon.

Andy Ngô has been following and recording Antifa for some time now. He knows their tactics and knows how violent they can be since they assaulted him during a protest last year.

He tweeted out a video from a woman showing fireworks exploding right in front of another Antifa thug.

Watch the video below:

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These are the fireworks Antifa are using to attack police & the public in Portland. Last night one of their own comrades was injured by their explosive outside the federal courthouse. They rioted for hours and started a fire inside the courthouse.



On June 15th a video captured Antifa using fireworks against the police:

And then there is Minneapolis:


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