Matthew DePerno is the brave lawyer representing Bill Bailey, the plaintiff in the Antrim County, MI voter fraud case.

He’s been ignored and shunned by the Republican-led state legislature since he filed a lawsuit on behalf of his client, Mr. Bailey, following the incredible vote flip of over 5,000 votes from President Trump to Democrat Joe Biden in the November election.

On Friday, shortly after DePerno announced he had new evidence that he planned to release soon, his law office was broken into. Mr. DePerno told us he called the police, and they have opened an investigation into the break-in.

Tomorrow, Michigan 13th District Judge Kevin A. Elsenheimer, the only judge in America who has allowed voter machine fraud evidence to be shared in court, will decide if he will allow Bill Bailey’s case to move forward or if he will dismiss the case.

Today, Matt DePerno held a press conference at the American Legion Hall in Traverse City, MI. Only two reporters, including 100 Percent Fed Up, showed up to cover his latest findings in the Antrim County voter fraud case.  During the press conference, DePerno dropped a bombshell when he explained that he and his investigators have allegedly figured out how “anyone who has access to the election tabulators” can “reopen the election, run more ballots through the tabulator, print off a new tabulator tape, with the new ballots, and backdate that tape to November 3rd.” DePerno explained that if county canvassers in Michigan can match the number of voters on the tabulator tape compared to the poll books matches, they will certify the election. DePerno said that “significant potential for fraud exists” with these machines.


DePerno also claimed that they were able to see by using the forensic images they’ve obtained from their study of the Dominion Voting machines that they can prove that “the same ballots can be run into the system more than once.”

DePerno received a huge round of applause when he told the citizens and a handful of journalists, “My team should not be the people doing this! We’ve done the work of the FBI and the Department of Justice, and we’ve done it all in 6 months!”

Watch the incredible press conference here:

DePerno called on MI State legislatures to have the courage to stand up and ask for a complete forensic audit on the ballots in Michigan. “We’ve seen it in other states,” DePerno told the crowd, adding that they need to “give up the fever dream that this was the safest election in history!”

Here is a partial clip from our live video at DePerno’s press conference:

Donations to DePerno’s legal defense fund can be made at

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