During the Super Bowl, an advertisement was run by the Christian group “He Gets Us,” whose goal to spread the message of Jesus Christ’s love. Two of their ads were run during the most-watched U.S. event of the year with the goal of spreading their message to as many people as possible. However, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez apparently hates messages of love, peace, and Christianity because she took to Twitter to slam one of the commercials for making “fascism look benign.”

The Christian group reportedly spent $20 million on the two Super Bowl ads.

In one of the ads, the message was that Jesus has empathy for immigrants and the poor. After telling the story of a poor family who had to flee their town. The message at the end was, “Jesus was a refugee.”

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In the second commercial, the message was to love everyone, even if they disagree with your political views.

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In the latter, images were shown of people protesting political issues, screaming at each other, arguing, and fighting. At the end of the commercial, a message appeared on the screen saying “Jesus loved the people we hate.”

While the message did not align with a political party, the Left began to criticize the Super Bowl commercial, largely because of how much money the ads cost to run on television.

AOC was, unsurprisingly, a vocal critic of the advertisements, saying, “Something tells me Jesus would *not* spend millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads to make fascism look benign.”

Many people responded to AOC’s tweet, questioning how the commercials had anything to do with fascism and bashing her for taking a nice message like “don’t hate people” and pretending like it’s a harmful message.

Tyler O’Neil, managing editor at The Daily Signal, responded to her tweet, asking, “How, exactly, did the ads promote fascism in any way?”

“They were promoting Jesus Christ,” he added. “You can get angry that Alliance Defending Freedom contributed to funding the ads, but what does that have to do with fascism?”

Buzz Patterson, a Republican author and public speaker, said, “Something tells me we shouldn’t look to AOC for our theology and spiritual guidance.”

Somehow, a Christian group preaching love equates to fascism and hatred.

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