Squad member AOC gets confronted again, and things get very weird this time!

 How absolutely humiliating.

Last week, 100 Percent Fed Up posted a video on Instagram of Representative Alexandria Occasio Cortez (D-Ny.) being grilled by protestors at a town hall over her vote to send weapons to Ukraine.

Several members of the crowds showing up claim she has moved too far away from her original anti-elitist platform and turned into one of the politicians she was elected to replace.

“You ran as an outsider, yet you’ve been voting to start this war in Ukraine,” the protestor said in the video.

“You’re voting to start a third nuclear war with Russia and China.”

You voted to mobilize and send money to Ukrainian Nazis,’ he shouted.

You have done nothing. Tulsi Gabbard has shown guts where you’ve shown cowardice,’ he continued, referring to the former Democratic presidential candidate’s public decision to leave the Democratic party last week.

WATCH: Activists erupt at AOC, call her a coward:


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Wednesday evening, at another town hall in her district, which includes parts of Queens and The Bronx, the Bronx native was confronted again by a large group of protestors with a drum and signs.

This time, things got very weird.

Protesters could be heard chanting, “AOC has got to go!” The sophomore congresswoman sat on a stage grooving while sipping from a water bottle throughout the boos, shouts, and drumming, and continued to smile even as one woman screamed herself hoarse from the seats.

WATCH: Danny De Urbina posted a video of the raucous moment

AOC dances to protesters chanting “AOC has got to go” at an event in her district tonight How absolutely humiliating.

The entire point of a town hall is to show you are taking the concerns of your constituents seriously. It is doubtful that AOC’s behavior is reassuring that she is taking them seriously.

Throughout her time in Congress, she has been called out on her behavior; however, it has been growing in frequency by those from her own party.

WATCH: Twitter users ask, “Is AOC ok?” as AOC appears to devolve into an imitation of Rosie Perez.

Alex Stein posted on Twitter:

I can’t tell you in words how much it turns me on when AOC talks like this!

The video above Below is a screenshot of a Tweet that AOC posted on Twitter: 

“The whole point of protesting is to make ppl uncomfortable.”

The original video was posted on Twitter by Jose Vega:

My friend @Noggatone and I confronted Congresswoman on her support for Nuclear War and Ukrainian Nazis. I call her out for being a coward in the face of the party that will push us all into Nuclear war right now. Will she stand up like @TulsiGabbardand fight for peace?

UNFORTUNATELY – Twitter locked him out of his account after the post:

My friend @JosBtrigga was just locked out of his account after him and I confronted AOC on her support for nuclear war. As usual, Twitter shows itself to be an enemy of free speech and expression.

Ironically, AOC was at that town hall to get harangued and jeered because she was a no-show at a debate with her general election opponent, Tina Forte.

Tina Forte for Congress, the US House candidate, NY-14,  Republican Nominee Against AOC, posted on Twitter:

I showed up to the community forum tonight in Jackson Heights. @AOC was a NO SHOW.

AOC is no stranger to theatrics and inflating the threat to her personal safety. For example, after the January 6th ‘Stop the Steal’ protests, Cortez repeatedly said that she believed her life was legitimately threatened by the protests.

WATCH: Ending on a humorous note, this is not the first time AOC has shown off her dance moves.

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