Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was asked by a member of the media to explain to Americans how she would characterize a congressional meeting she recently attended about the coronavirus.

Before AOC begins to speak, she takes her hand and pushes her hair behind both ears, telling the reporter that everyone needs to “remain calm.” The radical lawmaker, who just this year, learned about how a garbage disposal works, explained to the American public how to prevent a pandemic, “I know it sounds banal (she completely mispronounces the word),” but one of the key parts to preventing transmission, is washing your hands and not touching your face.”

“A mask will not protect you if you don’t wash your hands, and if you continue to touch your face,” the dingbat lawmaker said, as she touches her face, and repeatedly swings her hair around, only to tuck it again, behind her ear.

When she was asked more about the meeting, AOC explained that the meeting was declassified, as she reaches over and repeatedly touches her face with her hand.

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It’s hard to take a sitting United States Congresswoman seriously when she’s flipping her hair around like she’s in a B-movie for teenagers. Twitter user, “Patty Girl” responded to AOC’s interview with a hilarious GIF of former supermodel Tyra Banks flipping her hair back and forth, that looked strangely similar to AOC in her interview on coronavirus.

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It’s good to know we have so many brilliant people in Congress who have this whole coronavirus thing all figured out.


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