Representative Alexandria Occasio Cortez (D-Ny.) blasted a Republican variant of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill that is making its way through the U.S House of Representatives on Thursday.

One of the provisions of the bill would ensure that teachers cannot keep it a secret from parents if one of their students wants to change their gender identity.

Cortez was highly critical of the bill, saying that it would ‘out’ transgender students before they are ready to tell their parents and other people.

In dramatic fashion that has become typical of most of her speeches, she concluded by saying that she was in favor of ‘freedom’, not ‘fascism’.

Other Democrats also attacked the bill and attempted to mischaracterize it, with Representative Hakeem Jeffries (D-Ny.) saying that the bill was an attempt by ‘Extreme MAGA Republicans’ to prevent students from learning about the holocaust.

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In states where similar bills have been passed, the holocaust and slavery are still parts of the curriculum.

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During the House debate on a parental rights in education bill, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) spoke about Bill HR5 on Thursday to protect parental rights, saying that schools should be able to keep the gender identity of children a secret from their parents.

She claimed the legislation “forced the outing” of school children before they are ready.

Ocasio-Cortez argued that this “forced outing” of school children before they are ready, potentially causing harm to their mental health, ignoring parents rights as regards the education of their children.

“To say and speak about government reach and freedom, this Republican bill is asking the government to force the outing of LGBT people before they are ready,” said Cortez.

The question of whether schools should keep gender identity of students secret from parents has already been answered in many states, such as California and New York, both of which have determined that parents do not have a right to know if their children are attempting to change sex.

Hakeem Jeffries went so far as to say that “Extreme MAGA Republicans don’t want the children of America to learn about the Holocaust.”

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