Radical lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bragged about legislation that she and Eleanor Norton are attempting to pass to make federal law enforcement officers identify themselves as such on their uniforms while on duty.

Unfortunately, AOC as usual, is perpetuating a lie to push a radical far left agenda that Antifa is somehow a victim and law enforcement is the bad guy.

From The Nation article that AOC tweeted- Following a storm of controversy over arrests by federal agents in Portland, Ore., New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Washington, D.C., Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton will be introducing legislation this week that would require federal law enforcement officials to clearly identify themselves, according to a draft bill provided exclusively to The Nation.

The bill would require on-duty federal agents to display not just the name of their agency but also the individual agent’s last name and identification number. It would also mandate a new form of oversight for the Justice Department, requiring its inspector general to conduct routine audits to ensure compliance with the legislation. The results of these audits would then be reported to Congress.

Last week, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) drew scrutiny after federal agents in military fatigues used unmarked vehicles to arrest protesters in Portland. Among these federal agents were members of elite Border Patrol Tactical Units (BORTAC), Custom and Border Protection’s SWAT team equivalent. Despite the mayor of Portland’s demand that federal agents leave the city, DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf refused.

Everything addressed in The Nation’s article that was retweeted by AOC, a sitting member of the US Congress was based on a lie.

Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan shuts down the Antifa lie being perpetuated by Congressional ally, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), about the federal police wearing “unmarked” uniforms. In addition to wearing clearly marked uniforms, Morgan explains why the names of the officers have been removed. Sadly, the law enforcement officers are protecting themselves and their families from being doxxed and harmed by Antifa terrorists.

DHS held a press conference to address the decision by federal police to protect federal facilities and law enforcement from violent, criminal activity that’s been taking place in Portland, Oregon for the past 52 nights. During the press conference, DHS officials made it clear that they fully support and will protect peaceful protesters, but won’t stand by while violent protesters target federal facilities, including the Portland Court House.

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf explains: “Unfortunately, what we’re seeing in Portland in the early hours every morning is not peaceful protesting. These individuals are organized, and they have one mission in mind—to burn down or to cause extreme damage to the federal courthouse and to law enforcement officers. At times, we often see them targeting city property These individuals congregate in the same place night after night. We see them planning their attacks, and yet the city of Portland takes little to no action to stop or disperse the crowd.

These individuals carry lasers, baseball bats, explosive fireworks, metal pipes, glass bottles, accelerants, and other weapons all targeting federal facilities and federal law enforcement. And yet the city of Portland takes little to no action.

These individuals have repeatedly destroyed protective fencing, extensively graffitied the courthouse, torn plywood down from the courthouse and then lit it on fire, have erected barriers to block entrances of the courthouse,  attempted to breach the courthouse, have thrown explosive materials in the courthouse—and again, the city of Portland takes no action. ”

Wolf also slammed the media and lying lawmakers for attempting to make the DHS officials and law enforcement out to be the enemy.

Watch the entire press conference here:

One Twitter user nailed it when he called AOC a “clown” and told her to stop “shilling for Antifa.”



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