While the leftist media is still pushing the fake news that the confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial between Catholic School Students and a Native American activist was the all the fault of the students, anyone with half a brain who watches the video below will see that the Native-American activist instigated a confrontation and the students were just standing and watching.

Vanity Fair’s Michael Knowles made a great point when he broke down the three groups who were at the Lincoln Memorial:

3 groups:

1. Catholic teens minding their own business on a class trip

2. Native American demonstrators (incl. Nathan Phillips) march up, beat drums, push into center of student group, call teens “beasts”

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3. Black Israelites, who condemn whites as devils

Who’s in the wrong?

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The left has jumped on the fake news about the Catholic students and is running with it. A protest is scheduled in front of the Kentucky Catholic school even though it’s clear to anyone who watches the video that the teens did nothing wrong:

Matthew Schmitz posted the video on Twitter with a call for apologies from those who condemned the students:


Many apologies from those who just saw part of the video are pouring in:

Meghan McCain and others like Robby Soave of Reason realized the incident was nothing like it had been portrayed in the media:

“These kids are owed a big apology.”

“I jumped the gun” – Robert P. George, Princeton Professor and former Chairman, U.S. Commission on Int. Religious Freedom

Conservatives who had condemned the students overwhelmingly came out to apologize. Leftist anchor Jake Tapper came out with a tweet that included a quote from an article that refutes the claim by Mr. Phillips that he was harassed by the students.

This is the second big misstep by the media in just a few days except this is one that is harming children. The media should be held accountable for this colossal mistake.


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