THE PURGE CONTINUES: Apple, Google to Permanently Ban Free Speech App ‘Parler’ in 24 Hours

The Federalist is reporting that Big Tech’s behemoths, Apple and Google, are going to Ban Parler, a Twitter-like app that allows people to speak freely to one another.


Parler is an app that can be downloaded for Google and Apple phones.  It allows free speech on its platform.  Unfortunately, Apple and Google believe free speech is unacceptable.  This is because Google and Apple are, without any doubt, companies that are in bed with China pushing for The Great Reset revolution against the West.  They are run by people who seem to despise American ideals (like free speech) but want all of its wealth, labor, and opportunities.  For them, free speech is bad because it limits their control over the minds and attention of their users.

Our conservative accounts won’t last much longer on Facebook and Twitter. Please follow 100 Percent Fed Up on Parler HERE

The future of business, they believe, is an ‘attention economy’ run by several enormous global corporations that are so in bed with government that they are indistinguishable from one another.  When a person has free control of their mind and attention, controlling them is very difficult.  Tech companies know this.  In fact, they do studies to determine exactly how to design software and hardware to manipulate people into giving up as much mental and physical control of their as possible.

That is why they now seek to openly ban free speech on their platforms.  Tomorrow, it will be the Parler App, the next day it will likely be 10 others.

When will they come for the speech and ideas that you value?



The Federalist Reports: 

“Apple is preparing to ban Parler from its devices within the next 24 hours, the free-speech-branded social media platform told The Federalist Friday, as the big tech purge of online voices competing with the leftist world order of Silicon Valley escalates in the wake of the Capitol Hill riots that ensued Wednesday.

Parler co-owner Dan Bongino told The Federalist that Apple began threatening to remove the platform from its App Store and bar it from iOS devices, claiming content on the website violated the Cupertino company’s safety standards and contributed to the recent outbreak of unrest in the nation’s capital.”


The Gateway Pundit also reported on this as well:

BREAKING: Parler Goes Down After Trump Joins Social Media Platform – Apple Threatens to Remove Parler Unless it Enacts Draconian Censorship Policies

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