Should women be fighting on our front lines?


The Army announced on Friday that all eight women vying to become the first female Army Rangers have failed to complete the grueling course.

This marks the latest blow to putting women on the front lines, but comes at a time when the U.S. is winding down two wars which focused heavily on counter-insurgent tactics, rather than conventional warfare.

Initially, 19 women had volunteered to enter the course when it was opened to women last month. Of those, 11 failed to complete the first four-day phase of the course.

The remaining eight went on to the next phase of the course, which is conducted at Fort Benning, Ga.


Five of the eight women who attempted the two-month training program will leave the course altogether, but the other three will be given another chance to start over from the beginning, if they so choose.

According to the Army, this is not abnormal. Statistically, half of the men who enroll in Ranger School don’t make it though on their first try, either.

“This is normal course procedures and is used when students struggle with one aspect of the course and excel at others,” read the Army’s statement.

Rangers are considered to be the Army’s “best of the best” and 90 percent of senior infantry officers are Rangers. Do you think we will eventually see women among them? Give us your take on this issue in the comments section.

Via: BuzzPo

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