Funny but sadly very true!

Match A, B and C with Conservative, Progressive or Muslim.

Your favorite scent is:

A. Gunpowder

B. Patchouli

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C. Fresh blood

When your sister is raped, you:

A. Hunt down the bastard and drag him to the cops.

B. Hope the rapist isn’t your boyfriend.

C. Kill your sister.

When a Jewish person steps in front of you, you say:

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A. “Excuse me, sir?”

B. “Typical Zionist!”

C. “Death to Israel!”

When a Christian steps in front of you, you say:

A. “After you, brother.”

B. “Typical Christo-fascist!”

C. “Death to infidels!”

As a concerned parent, you make sure your kids know how to:

A. Punch a bully.

B. Blame the patriarchal hetero-normative Zionist hegemony for all their problems.

C. Stab a Jew or infidel.

Your favorite prayer is

A. Our Father

B. Oh God, I hope I’m not pregnant!

C. Allahu akbar!

(For guys)

When you see an attractive woman on the street, you:

A. Whistle

B. Wonder if she’s a transgender

C. Take her home as a sex slave

(For gals)

When you see a handsome man at work, you:

A. Bring him cookies

B. Bring him up on false sex harassment charges

C. What is work?



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