Bernie, Hillary and Joe…a low information voter dream ticket…

Ninety-one percent of the hundreds of individuals who raised money for the 2012 Obama-Biden reelection campaign are not listed among the ranks of Hillary Clinton’s most successful bundlers.

According to analysis from USA Today, only 76 of the 833 Obama-Biden bundlers are on Clinton’s “Hillblazers” list, which includes individuals who have fundraised at least $100,000 in primary election contributions for the Democratic presidential candidate.

The absence of these fundraisers from Clinton’s elite list comes as speculation mounts around a possible entry by the vice president in the 2016 White House race. Biden is rumored to be preparing to announce his decision soon, perhaps within the next 48 hours.

According to some reports, sources close to Biden are saying that he will jump into the race for the Democratic nomination against Hillary Clinton.

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“I have a very good source close to Joe that tells me VP Biden will run for Prez,” Rep. Brandon Boyle (D., Penn.) wrote on Twitter Monday morning.

Many Obama bundlers have contributed the maximum $2,700 to Clinton’s campaign, and some claim that they have committed to fundraising for the former secretary of state but haven’t yet raised the required $100,000 to become a “Hillblazer.”

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Nevertheless, some bundlers have chosen to wait it out in hopes that Biden might run as Clinton continues to battle controversy surrounding her use of a personal email system at the State Department.

Currently, the FBI is investigating Clinton’s server, which the inspector general of the intelligence community determined held at least two emails containing top secret information despite Clinton’s assurances that she never sent nor received classified material on her personal email.

A source in the intelligence community said last week that investigators are examining whether Clinton’s email constituted a violation of the Espionage Act that could warrant up to 10 years in jail. Via: WFB

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