There’s a very popular health website who posted a safe sex guide for the LGBTQIA crowd and the literature wants people to refer to the female vagina as a ‘front hole’ because it should be more gender inclusive to men who might have made the transition to become a female, but don’t have a real vagina. If you’re shaking your head as much as I am laughing, then it’s OK – we’re in this together.

This information comes from a website called Healthline who is one of the top health websites in America. It seems like either they wanted to be more inclusive, or someone influenced this baffling brainless amount of literature into including the term ‘front hole.’ Either way, most people are laughing at it right now as it’s becoming the star of multiple memes across the galaxy of Internet stardom.

The Gateway Pundit and Caldron Pool covered this story. It was posted that…
“Healthline has claimed health disparities and higher rates of HIV and STIs observed in LGBTQIA communities are due to discrimination in the sex ed world. So, the California based health information provider has adopted the gender-inclusive term “front hole” in place of the medical term, “vagina” in their latest LGBTQIA safe sex guide.

“For the purpose of this guide, we’ll refer to the vagina as the ‘front hole’ instead of solely using the medical term ‘vagina,’” the document explains. “This is gender-inclusive language that’s considerate of the fact that some trans people don’t identify with the labels the medical community attaches to their genitals.”

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“For example, some trans and nonbinary-identified people assigned female at birth may enjoy being the receptors of penetrative sex, but experience gender dysphoria when that part of their body is referred to using a word that society and professional communities often associate with femaleness. An alternative that’s becoming increasingly popular in trans and queer communities is front hole.”

Well, for starters, men do not and can not have a vagina. They can have a front hole if they like, but no one should ever be asked to disgrace the female body and reduce them down to being listed as a bunch of “front holes” – that’s embarrassing, insulting, and women should put their foot down to stop this madness.

It seems like women can’t have anything of their own without some man ruining it for them. Women are losing their bathroom. Women are being beaten in sports by men. Women have now lost their vagina. What’s next?

Does anyone else find it insulting that a safe sex guide would demean the female body and demand that people refer to the lady bits as a ‘front hole?’ Doesn’t that sound like an Andrew Dice Clay joke just waiting to happen?

Women deserve more than this, and they shouldn’t have to deal with the men who wish to be women violating them, their bathroom, their sports, and now their private parts.

I’m a man and I’m angry about this. I’m also laughing heavily at it, because there’s no chance that I ever take this ‘front hole‘ nonsense serious nor will I ever refer to a woman’s vagina as anything less.

You should be 100% fed up.


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