Did you vote early, or by absentee ballot for Joe Biden?

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In 2016, CNN and other left-leaning publications touted the ability for a voter to change their votes after their ballots were cast, either through early voting or via absentee ballot. Strangely, there hasn’t been a lot of discussion by the mainstream media about how registered voters can change their votes if they’ve changed their minds in the wake of the discovery of the emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed by the New York Post.

Voters who chose to ignore Joe’s obvious mental decline and voted for him because they believed him when he said would come out of his basement and do something to control the spread of COVID might be re-thinking their decision as they see Joe hiding from the American public in his basement for most of October, leading up to the Nov. 3 election.

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What about those who voted for Joe Biden because they wanted to see an end to fracking, but now see his dirty deals with family members and hostile foreign nations as a much bigger problem?

What about voters who voted for the confused candidate that many times, doesn’t even know which state he’s in because they believed President Trump was justly impeached by the Democrat majority House of Representatives? Now that they’ve discovered that according to the emails found on Hunter’s laptop, the Trump administration should have been getting to the bottom of the Biden pay-to-play schemes with foreign nations, shouldn’t they be able to change or throw away their vote for Joe Biden?

It’s difficult to find a mainstream media publication who will explain how voters who are having remorse about their vote change it, so we’re sharing the details from an article published by  AJC on November 2, 2016:

According to voting laws in Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, (the deadline for MN voters to change their votes has already passed) Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, if you change your mind on who you wish to vote for, you can have a do-over.

Minnesotans are no longer allowed to change their minds—the deadline, that used to be 7 days before the election, has changed to 14 days before the election and has already passed. Pennsylvanians can change their absentee ballots as long as they show up in person on Election Day.

Finally, Wisconsinites are required by state law to be allowed to vote and cancel their ballots up to three different times.

In Michigan, a state that because of COVID, does now offer early voting, can pick up a new absentee ballot from their local clerk’s office by 4 pm CT on Monday, Nov. 2.

Voters in Wisconsin can either request a new mail-in ballot before 5 pm CT on Thursday, October 29, or complete a new in-person absentee ballot before 5 pm CT on Saturday, Oct. 31.

Of course, MI, PA, and WI are critical swing states that all give the ability for voters to change their votes. Given these recent developments about the Biden Crime Family, there are sure to be Independent voters who are having voter remorse who are entitled to change their votes in all 7 of these states.

Please make sure this information is shared with everyone you know, as many Americans are likely to change their votes in light of recent developments related to the Biden Crime Family.




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