Questions about the presidential election in the state of Arizona  remain unanswered after the results of today’s audit left out some very important information. Shiva Ayyadurai, better known as Dr. Shiva, presented damning information that revealed serious problems about the election.

“The total duplicates was 34,448. Total images of which 17,322 were duplicates from 17,126 voters,” he said. “This was by the way no reported in the report.”

Democrats have already jumped at the fraudulent results of an audit that couldn’t go anywhere, taking this opportunity to parade the infirm Joe Biden as the noble winner of the election.  Some journalists from Reuters  even called it a “huge defeat for Donald Trump.”

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The Left has claimed victory over Donald Trump time and time again. Ever since he ran for president and a supposed scandal or “offensive” surfaced, the Left would start celebrating Trump’s imminent defeat.

The Left has no strategy but lying. If one thing is for certain, it’s that Donald Trump is not going anywhere, and neither are we.

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