We have previously reported that critical race theory has infected schools all around the country.

Excerpt from Page 19 of Race, Class, and Gender: An Anthology (2001) that has been taught in many colleges and universities around the country. https://www.google.com/books/edition/Race_Class_and_Gender/uys9R30M-mcC?hl=en&gbpv=0

Critical Race Theory teaches students to disintegrate and deconstruct Western culture by teaching them that everything about Western law, society, and culture is racist and/or sexist.  This includes critical thinking and rational thought (pictured above) and even includes teaching mathematicsBeing white, alone, is racist and oppressive.

But, because critical race theory is an intellectual Marxist virus meant to destroy societies, it also teaches that writings of those societies must be labelled as racist in order to fully collapse every aspect of the system.

Enter Associate Dean at Arizona State University, Asao Inoue.

Asao Inoue

Asao is branding the act of grading papers as an act of ‘white supremacy.’  Perhaps Asao is just another ‘privileged white cis male’ writing teacher who can’t be bothered to grade papers for black kids, anymore.  Perhaps he doesn’t think black students are capable of becoming good writers and covers it up by calling himself an ‘anti-racist.’  Read on and let us know what you think

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He has created “anti-racist” endowment for good measure.  Where does the money truly end up, we wonder?:

In addition to teaching that paper-grading is racist, he has penned a book that reiterates the point and has stated that critical thinking and meritocracy in general are also somehow unacceptable or “myths” as well.

Is this dean just extremely lazy and aloof, not wanting to grade his black students’ papers, preferring instead to pilfer money from people by virtue signaling with an anti-racist ‘endowment’?

Does he want black students to come out of his class less educated and effective than others?

Zero Hedge Reports:

“Asao Inoue – who teaches first-year writing courses and serves as associate dean for Academic Affairs, Equity, and Inclusion – wrote Labor-Based Grading Contracts: Building Equity and Inclusion in the Compassionate Writing Classroom, in which he advocates for a system of grading that circumvents merit.

Inoue – whose “research focuses on antiracist and social justice theory” – explains that his book discusses “grading literacy performances more broadly” – namely, by judging “final course grades purely by the labor students complete, not by any judgments of the quality of their writing.”

“While the qualities of student writing is still at the center of the classroom and feedback, it has no bearing on the course grade,” he explains. “Why take our judgments of quality out of the tabulation of course grades and progress in a course? Because all grading and assessment exist within systems that uphold singular, dominant standards that are racist, and White supremacist when used uniformly.”

“Grading, because it requires a single, dominant standard, is a racist and White supremacist practice,” he adds.

Inoue describes his labor-based system as a tool to enact his “social justice agenda” in his “classroom’s antiracist writing assessment ecologies.”

Inoue’s book contains 358 pages.

In more terse language, Inoue has recently made calls to “destroy grading.”

While responding to a question about “curricular changes” needed to “help our Black students develop positive racial identity,” Inoue said “gotta destroy grading, destroy the White habits of language that make all standards of language in classrooms, not to ignore them but to stop thinking they are THE keys to success and good communication, critical thinking,

Or course, Asao also doesn’t believe in meritocracy, either, cherrypicking Martin Luther King quotes when he believes it suits his anti-American needs:

Inoue confirmed to Campus Reform that he currently uses labor-based grading in his courses.”

Are you going to send your children to be a class taught by people like this?  What will you do to prevent people like this from holding teaching positions in state-funded institutions?  There are countless thousands more voices like his in academia today.  What will you do at your local and state level to legally remove them and prevent another infestation in the future?


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