After stonewalling for nearly 3 months, the fate of the nation is sealed and Chinese Puppets Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been installed into the Whitehouse illegitimately (allegedly).  Now, on the day of Biden’s inauguration, Maricopa County, Arizona election officials FINALLY said they would allow for an audit of the votes.  This is after months of noncompliance and stonewalling by leftists and establishment snakes who refused to do their jobs despite overwhelming evidence put before them by witnesses, experts, and legal teams.


The Gateway Pundit Reported on this today and gave a timeline of a few of the events leading up to this too-little-too-late decision by the scumbags in Arizona:

Here is the history on today’s announcement:

** On December 15th Arizona officials issued a forensic audit to be completed in Maricopa County.

** On December 18th the Maricopa Board of Supervisors refused to comply with subpoenas to turn over the Dominion voting machines for an audit.

** On December 30th the Arizona Attorney General joined in the battle for the forensic audit of the Maricopa County elections equipment.

** On January 20th, Inauguration Day, the Maricopa County officials finally agree to the audit.

Not only does it say an audit is to be performed, but also that subpoenas can be issued.

IN other words, the letter says that the corrupt Maricopa Board of Supervisors was allowed 3 months to agree with the constitutional definition of a legislature as having the right to issue subpoenas.

It took them 3 months for the corrupt Board of Supervisors to agree to look up the definition of a constitutional legislature, and the politicians in Arizona accepted this absurd timeline.

Beyond this travesty,  many questions still abound as well.

The language in the statement is vague.  It does not describe the details or type of audit that will be performed.  Will it be a proper forensic audit of machines, servers, and ballots as is needed and demanded?  Who will run the audit?  Who will observe the audit process?  What experts will be brought in in election, IT, and cyber security to ensure that proper avenues are explored?


Given the months of illegitimate delays and obfuscations, we won’t hold our breath.  Instead, we must assume this is part of some Biden bootlicker’s idea of truth and reconciliation to shut truth tellers up with a veneer of action, while doing nothing legitimate to bring legitimacy back to the process. 


We will let you know if we hear otherwise.


Until then, organize and vote these snakes out of local and state office immediately

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