THE CASE BELOW is proof that guns save lives. A grandma was sleeping when a home intruder broke into her house. She grabbed her handgun and shot the intruder who fled…Wow! Who knows what would have happened if she was unarmed.

An interesting factoid in this case is that Maxine got her gun from her mom…Maxine is 70-years old!

A 70-year-old grandmother shot an alleged home intruder in Philadelphia, Pa., early Saturday morning, leaving him hospitalized.

Maxine Thompson woke around 4:30 a.m. after she heard a loud banging noise, she said. She looked out her window and saw a man pounding on her door, trying to break in — she told him to stop. He then smashed a window and entered her house. Thompson grabbed her handgun, which she said was from her mother, and fired shots at the suspect, according to Fox News.

“First, I thought I was dreaming, and then, I looked out the window, outside. I was still hearing the banging, banging, banging, so I yelled to whoever, ‘Who’s that on my door? Get off my door; get off my door,’” Thompson said in an interview with  FOX29.

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“I shot at him. He turned around and he ran; and when he ran, I ran down the steps behind him and shot at him some more,” Thompson continued. “‘Kill him before he kills me.’ That’s what was going through my mind.”

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The suspect, a 45-year-old male, ran to a carwash and called the police, saying he had been shot. He was arrested and taken to the hospital for a gunshot wound to his arm.

Thompson was worried the suspect could’ve killed her, she said and warned others to not break into people’s houses.

“After everything was over, then I did get a little shaky. He could’ve killed me,” Thompson said. “Stay the hell out of people’s houses.”


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