This is too funny! Just look for the guys in their undies and you’ve got your criminals. Thank goodness this neighbor was armed and able to stop the robbery.

Police in Denver are hoping someone might have noticed two burglars who fled from a gun-toting neighbor perhaps as they got out of their car at home. Or maybe when they stashed the getaway vehicle somewhere.

After all, they were in their skivvies.

The case developed a few days ago when, according to a report from the Fox affiliate, KDVR television, two young men were burglarizing Dave and Christy Gannon’s home while they were traveling in Florida.

The alert was sounded when a 13-year-old hired to care for the couple’s dogs noticed something amiss.

“She unlocked the front door and came in and noticed that all of this stuff was on the ground in front of her in backpacks,” Christy Gannon told the station. “She knew that something was wrong and so her adrenaline kicked in and she backed out and she went next door to the neighbor’s house to call the police.”

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The two men apparently had heard or seen the front door open, so they grabbed what they could carry, ran through the back yard and jumped a fence into a neighbor’s yard.

That’s when their day turned really bad.

“I had a gun and I told them to get down on their hands and knees,” neighbor Michael Velez said.

Velez told the station the two men were young and so he decided to teach them a lesson.

“I made them strip down to their skivvies and walked them up to the corner,” Velez said.

The two, wearing nothing but their underwear, suddenly took off running before police arrived, and Velez decided to hold his fire.

“They were young kids and I told them, you’re lucky you’re going to see your next birthday,” he said.

Dave Gannon said the couple’s feelings ranged from anger to frustration when they learned of the burglary attempt.

“You’re helpless, you can’t do anything,” he told KDVR, “You’re thousands of miles away.”

“We went through all the stages of grief and anger and frustration… and anger again,” Christy Gannon said.

They felt betrayed by their dogs.

“They just laid down the whole time I think,” said Christy Gannon.

They said the burglars were targeting professional photography equipment, electronics – and a stash of candy for children.

Authorities reported that another neighbor had seen the two suspects jump into a white Chevy Monte Carlo or Malibu with no license plates and drive away.

Police hope someone saw them at the end of that trip, getting out of that white car wearing almost nothing.
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