This police detective just happened to be in the right place at the right time to save the employees of this pizza shop. Incredible!

LAWNDALE — An off-duty Philadelphia police detective shoots and kills a suspect during a robbery in the Lawndale section of Philadelphia late Thursday night.

The shooting occurred around 11:30pm in the 6900 block of Rising Sun Avenue.

The off-duty officer was held at gunpoint during a robbery at the Rising Sun Pizza Shop.

The officer was ordering takeout from the restaurant when two suspects entered and held a gun to the off-duty officer’s head. They then robbed him of $20.

Afterwards, they announced that they were robbing the pizza shop and pointed the gun at the owner and another employee. No other customers were in the shop.

Both perpetrators then momentarily turned their attention towards two employees in the restaurant and that’s when the Detective drew his firearm and identified himself as a police officer

The suspects fired at the officer and he returned fire, hitting one suspect on the left side of his torso. It is unclear how many shots the officer fired. The suspects then took off, but one collapsed and died.

That male suspect was found dead on the 500 block of Tyson Street.

Police are still looking for the second suspect. It is unknown if he was struck by gunfire.

Via: myfoxphilly 

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