The media has been desperate to make President Trump’s complimentary exchange with the French president’s wife Brigitte Macron into a misogynist scandal. Most American women aren’t buying it. In fact, contrary to what the media would like you to believe, female Trump supporters across America are stepping up their game to show their support for President Trump and for his daughter who is a true advocate for women. 

President Trump and his daughter Ivanka are getting some much welcomed positive press thanks to a social media craze that has slowly been growing over the past few months.

A number of women have begun posting images online which show them modelling clothing from Ivanka’s eponymous fashion label or Trump-branded wears while voicing their support for the commander-in-chief.

It is a diverse array of clothes, and the most popular choice by far this summer is a one-piece women’s swimsuit in metallic blue that reads: ‘Make America Great Again.’

US Olympic athlete Lindsay-Vonn is pictured sporting her #MAGA one-piece bathing suit.

There is even a fan-run Instagram page that gathers all the images featuring ladies in Trump-branded swimwear these days, along with those who are scantily clad while also wearing his trademark hat, Babes For Trump.

A young Trump supporter looks adorable in her #Maga one-piece.

More women jump in to join the trend to support President Trump with Trump gear and bumper stickers adorning their beach coolers. #MAGA

And finally, these young women post an image of themselves pretending to build a wall on the Mexico border:

These posts have no official hashtag yet, with the women using a variety of words and phrases, including ‘#womenfortrump,’ ‘#ivankatrump,’ and ‘#hillaryforprison’ to name a few.

This surge in popularity for Trump brand clothing comes a little over nine months after women across the country began a boycott of Ivanka’s fashions with the #GrabYourWallet campaign.

These women are ignoring the left and posting pictures of themselves wearing Ivanka’s line of clothing.

This woman is dresses as a secret service agent who’s wearing Ivanka’s line of clothing:

This Instagram user posted a picture of herself sporting Ivanka’s jewelry:

Select retail shops and national department stores also began to drop Ivanka’s line around that time, and in some cases were very publicly attacked by Trump supporters.

Nordstrom was forced to weather the worst of the storms after the passed on picking up Ivanka’s latest collection, with President Trump going after the retailer on Twitter. –Daily Mail

Keep up the great work ladies! #MAGA


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