The arrogance of Bill Clinton is astounding. While addressing a crowd of Hillary supporters in Pennsylvania, he mocks the hard working coal miners in West Virginia and Kentucky because they’re saying they won’t support his wife after she promised to double down on Obama’s promise to bankrupt the coal industry.

Watch this West Virginia coal miner confront Hillary over remarks she made during a CNN town hall where she proudly exclaimed, “We’re gonna put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

Watch the stunning arrogance with which Barack Obama delivers his punishing message of government overreach to American coal miners and anyone associated with the coal industry in America, “If somebody wants to build a coal fire plant, they can. It’s just that we’re going to bankrupt them, because we’re going to charge a huge sum for all that greenhouse gases.”

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And now, here’s former president Bill Clinton mocking the coal miners for not getting behind Barack Obama in 2012 and now the polls are showing they’re not about to vote for another president who swears to destroy their livelihoods and the towns where generations of coal miners have lived.

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