“It is absolutely unbelievable that he could be the leader of the greatest nation in the world and we cannot allow him to stay in that position” – California’s own Maxine Waters

Can you imagine if we had said these things about Barack Obama? Maxine Waters is getting more and more desperate…

She just pulled out the race card on MSNBC:

Maxine Waters and Joy Reid are always entertaining…they feed off of each other. It’s like Waters forgets they’re on TV and just lets it rip with the racist jargon. This is just laughable and hopefully most Americans see through it except for the brainiacs who still vote for this hag in the James Brown wig.

It might sound harsh but this woman helped push the housing bubble with her pal Barnie Frank. She’s a grifter who has lived off of the people for decades by dividing Americans.

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Here’s another example of Maxine Watters and Joy Reid getting into a hatefest over Trump. They make false claim after false claim about President Trump…Just hateful!

“Will make sure poor people aren’t getting too much from government”

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