Julissa Arce, who is now a Vice President at Goldman Sachs was a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show last night. Tucker asked her about her use of an illegal social security number. Arce claimed that she was very fortunate to marry a US citizen and is now a US citizen. Tucker reminds her that using a fake social security number is a felony. Arce quickly explained to Carlson that using a fake social security number is not a felony in every state.  She then went on to explain to Tucker how she had to violate our laws because they were unjust. 

While her story is compelling because she became an American citizen (through marriage) and is a contributing member to our economy and to our tax base, the bottom line is that she was in our country illegally and used a fake social security number that allowed her  to deceive employers, educational facilities and likely social services reserved for legal American citizens.

Tucker Carlson tried to ask her why she was against the building of a wall to protect our nation, at which point, she started to use an argument that it would cost taxpayers too much money. Tucker called her out, and reminded her that she had called the building of a wall on our US-Mexican border (that most Americans want to see built) a “symbol of hate”, Tucker then went on to tell her that he found her opinion on the building of wall to be “ungrateful” to a country that has given her so much. Carlson continued, “I don’t understand why a country’s desire to protect its border is an expression of hate.”  Arce went back to her argument about the cost of the wall being her real objection to construction of the wall. Tucker pressed on asking, “Why is hateful to want to build a wall ?” After Arce finally realized Carlson was not about to let her off the hook, she answered the question honestly, “It is a hateful symbol. It is  a symbol of hate against immigrants. It is a symbol of hate against uh…Mexican immigrants, which you know, the precedent, uhh… that Mr. Trump ran his campaign on.” Tucker pressed on, “I just want to get to the bottom of this because you’re throwing around language that has an effect on people’s attitudes and it’s pretty heavy duty, because it presumes motives that you can’t know. You don’t know that people who support the wall hate Mexicans immigrants. A lot of people come across that border, are not from Mexico as you know, they’re Central Americans. Is it legitimate, is it morally legitimate for an American to say, ‘I want to control of who comes into my county’ and we don’t have that, so a wall will reestablish that control. For you to denounce that as ‘hate’ seems a little much.”


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