Secretary of State John Kerry just made the big announcement that he will join the Democrats and boycott the Trump inaugural…What a putz!

His comments at Davos were even nastier than his rejection of the Trump inaugural:

John Kerry proves he’s a bigger a** than we thought when he arrogantly dismisses the Trump administration. He’s speaking with uber liberal Tom Friedman and sounding like the delusional left who just don’t seem to understand that they lost. Listen as Kerry and all of the Davos audience yuck it up when Kerry makes a slight at the incoming administration:

JOHN KERRY: We’ll have injured our own credibility in, conceivably, an irreparable way. Not irreparably. There’s time, and that’s just too dramatic. But we will have done great injury to ourselves. And it will hurt for the endurance of a year, two years, whatever, while the [Trump] administration is there.

[crowd laughs and claps]

Question: Did Kerry mean this the way it came out or did the audience detect a joke that wasn’t really intended?

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