WOW! Nancy Pelosi can’t keep a train of thought going for more than a few seconds. She stumbles over her own words and can’t remember what she just said. She gets really irritated with Meghan McCain who pointed out there’s a divide in the Democrat Party. She claims that, “This is our turn!”…SHE’S BANANAS!

MEGHAN MCCAIN, CO-HOST “THE VIEW”: There’s a fracture in your party, like mine. There were people like Tim Ryan that were calling you to step down and asking for new blood. I don’t think it’s gender, look at the Bernie supporters versus Hillary supporters.

PELOSI: Let me, with all due respect, disagree with you. There is not a fracture in our party similar to what’s happening to the Republican party. It’s always been a dynamic party. That’s the vitality of it. You name people that want me to step down, and I can name you people in my caucus that want me to stay. If Hillary had won and dealt with things like Medicaid, MediCare and Affordable Care Act—I had an important role in passing that I had a responsibly to protect that. I feel very confident in what I’m doing and the support I have. Please don’t think it’s anything like the fracture that is in the Republican party.

MCCAIN: It hasn’t stopped us from winning. President Trump is in the White House. There’s a break down someplace.

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PELOSI: This is our turn. This is the first time since 2006 when we won the Congress, and I was the leader at the time. This is the first time the House, congressional — Chuck and I, we are the ones communicating with the American people on this. We have a better deal, better jobs, better future for the American people. We feel comfortable with that. We have to get the message across. It’s one thing to have a message. It’s another thing to connect.

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