This is art? Cultural DC says in a press release that they are “thrilled” to bring you a “performance art” piece by Jennifer Rubell…Thrilled?

Would they be as “thrilled” if a “Michelle Obama” lookalike or an Obama daughter happened to be the one being pelted with crumbs?


Cultural D.C. exhibit-goers are encouraged to throw crumbs at an Ivanka Trump lookalike who continues to vacuum the crumbs up while wearing a pink dress and stilettos. This abusive behavior towards the “Ivanka” in the performance art exhibit continues throughout with a big pile of crumbs for exhibit goers.

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The irony in the “art exhibit” that’s being promoted is that it goes against everything feminists claim to fight against. The exhibit mocks Ivanka’s appearance as “sexualized” and her success as a businesswoman and mom. All art is up for interpretation but anyone can see through what’s being done here. It’s blatant sexism but it’s ok since she’s a conservative woman who happens to be President Trump’s daughter.

Cultural DC writes:

“Our mission in making space for art often extends to expanding the city’s cultural landscape. Jennifer’s insightful work is perfect for the artistically savvy and civic-minded DC crowd. We’re always happy to provide a platform for timely, boundary-pushing installations like Ivanka Vacuuming,” says Kristi Maiselman, Executive Director of CulturalDC.

Entering the gallery space, viewers will notice a woman bearing a striking resemblance to that Ivanka, cleaning a plush pink carpet. In front of this scene is a white pedestal with a giant pile of crumbs on top. The public is invited to throw crumbs onto the carpet, watching as Ivanka elegantly vacuums up the mess, her smile never wavering. This process repeats itself for the entire duration of the performance.

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Can you imagine if someone did this to Obama’s children? There would be hell to pay. The Trump family abuse from the left continues to expose the hate and hypocrisy from leftists and especially feminist on the left. Shame on them!

All women should be lifted up and treated equally. Conservative women are being bashed for their beliefs more and more. It’s way past time that we spoke out about what we believe in.

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