A caravan of 11,000 illegal aliens is headed to the Mexico-US border. By the time it reaches the border, it is expected to have picked up an additional 4,000 foreigners for a total of 15,000, making it the largest group of foreigners to illegally cross into the United States at once in the history of the United States.

The group allegedly consists of people traveling from Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba.

Daily Mail reports – The caravan is making its way northward as the Biden administration is fighting in court to end Title 42, the pandemic-era Centers for Disease Control (CDC) restriction that allows border agents to quickly expel migrants.

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Title 42 was supposed to end on May 23 but a federal judge in Louisiana granted an injunction on Friday that prevented the government from ending the policy.

Nearly 2 million migrants have been expelled under the policy since it was first implemented.

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The Biden administration has stressed that the CDC has the authority to end Title 42 because it is a public health order, not an immigration order, but both Democrats and Republicans have called on the administration to rethink its ending of the policy.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials have said they expect up to 18,000 migrants per day once Title 42 is lifted. Border resources are at capacity when 5,000 migrants attempt to cross per day.

While Texas residents and US Border Agents prepare for the incredible invasion, that will bring more violence and drugs into their communities, and ultimately, communities across America, Democrat Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto (Frances) O’Rourke told a mostly empty room of supporters, “I think the border’s pretty great right now.”


If Beto’s idiotic and completely untrue statement about the border being “pretty great right now,” doesn’t end his political career with Texas voters, who can see with their own eyes what’s happening to their once safe communities, then there is no hope for sanity in the Democrat Party in Texas.

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