A new ad was released today that features Barack Hussein Obama (a man who many still believe is not a legal American citizen) telling people who are not American citizens to just become one. It’s easy…with just a wave of his magic executive order wand, you too can become a citizen/voter. Just remember who buttered your bread when November rolls around. This ad isn’t about a compassionate party who wants to see equality for all or about giving people a “better life.” It’s about one thing, and one thing only…votes. It’s about creating a base of dependent voters who owe their allegiance to the Democrat party.


The ad is filled with flowery images and beautiful scenes from an America that was built by legal American citizens who came here and waited in line for their citizenship. They didn’t have to hide in the shadows, they weren’t running from incarceration in other countries and they didn’t come with the intent of killing innocent Americans for a phony religion of hate. The people Barack Obama is hoping to reach with this ad are likely sitting in their government subsidized housing, receiving a free education and free health care, collecting some type of welfare and watching this video on their Obamaphone. They are people who were hustled over Obama’s open borders with the aid of drug cartel members or paid coyotes. They haven’t had to wait in line for anything. Obama has opened his arms to this illegal invaders and made them immune to the same laws we are required to follow.

Are there good people who were born here because their parents crossed our borders illegally and now they only want to come out of the shadows? Absolutely. To be sure, there are people who are innocent victims of parents who broke the law to enter our country, but that shouldn’t matter in a country where we have rules and laws that American citizens are required to follow. When did it become okay to grant these anchor babies the “right” to taxpayer funded education and health care that is being paid for by legal American citizens? When did American citizens care so little about the future of their own children and grandchildren?

We are witnessing the unraveling of the greatest country that has ever existed, as Americans sit home contemplate speaking out, fearing they may be called a “racist” or “xenophobic” when speaking out against the illegal alien invasion of our nation. Illegal immigration is not about race. Illegal immigration is about taking jobs from American workers who have been out of work for years.

We need to find jobs for American workers first. Tens of thousands of jobs have been lost in factories and coal mines as a result of this overly aggressive administration. Obama and his regime have made no secret of their intention to put the coal industry out of business.


America is unraveling and unless we stand up to this administration and say ENOUGH OF YOUR LIES and propaganda…we can kiss our children and grandchildren’s futures goodbye.

Here’s the latest example of Obama’s propaganda at work:

There has never been a better time to pick up the phone and call your congressman or woman and DEMAND they stop this madness! We need to build a wall, stop all benefits for illegal aliens and demand they go back to where they came from and come back legally like every one of us and our ancestors did!

Here’s the link to your Congressman: http://www.contactingthecongress.org

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