In January 2021, Bed, Bath & Beyond dropped MyPillow products from their stores.

Liberals celebrated:

When that happened, conservatives responded.

Many boycotted Bed, Bath & Beyond — and bought directly from using promo code FEDUP instead (100 Percent Fed Up! benefits when you use that code).

Now, Bed, Bath & Beyond is closing stores – nearly 150 at last count.

Here’s what conservatives say they did:

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Use promo code FedUp at checkout and save big on MyPillow bed sheets. (100 Percent Fed Up benefits when you use this promo code.)

To support MyPillow, click here — and use promo code FEDUP to get the best deals.

Right now — Mike’s amazing Giza sheets are on sale at MyPillow:

To support MyPillow, click here — and use promo code FEDUP!

Plus, if a bedroom in your house needs a new mattress, the good people at MyPillow have something special for you:

Foam and two-sided encased coil quilted mattresses are now up to 50% off when you use promo code FEDUP:

Avoid the high-pressure salesman at the mattress store — and get your mattress from a patriot.

People are raving about Mike’s mattresses:

— “We bought our 4 kids new mattresses and they love them! Super soft and comfortable.”

— “I ordered the foam mattress in queen. It arrived on time, easy to unpack, and better than expected. I ordered a mattress cover as well and will be ordering sheets next. Thanks Mike and Team!”

— “The MyPillow mattress is different! It gives perfect support and is very comfortable. As with all of the MyPillow products, I feel like I have purchased a high-quality (made in the USA) product that will give me many years of good use.”

With the FEDUP promo code, you’ll get:

— 50% off, whether you choose the foam mattress or the 2-sided encased coil quilted mattress

— A 10-Year Warranty

— A 6-Month Money Back Guarantee

— A high-quality mattress Made In The USA!

It’s a great way to get the rest you need — and support patriots!

Conservatives must band together.

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