I was shopping for chicken at a Michigan-based Meijer grocery store in July when I discovered their entire chicken stock was wiped out. There wasn’t a wing, breast, or drumstick to be found. I quickly shifted gears and decided we would have steak instead, but when I got to the section of the store where the beef is displayed, they were almost entirely out of beef as well. Only two packages of over-priced porterhouse steaks remained in the refrigerated case. Two months later, I shopped in the same store and discovered the inventory was again low. I asked the cashier about the shortages on the shelves. She told me that the store is ordering tons of food, but they’re only getting a portion of what they order.

Grocery-store chains are still battling supply challenges that some executives said are as bad as what they saw in spring 2020, when hoarding left holes in stocks of some staples.

Industry executives say new problems are arising weekly, driven by shortages of labor and raw materials. Groceries including frozen waffles and beverages remain scarce as some food companies anticipate disruptions lasting into 2022. A wider range of products is running short and logistical challenges are compounding for many retailers.

Are Democrat leaders taking advantage of the COVID pandemic to create a Socialist nation?

The National Review explains why Socialism causes shortages:

You can believe that socialism is wonderful, as apparently many people do, and no one will stop you. You will get plenty of support from the media and academic elite. You can rally around their Twitter handles, podcasts, and Kindle tomes.

On the other hand, the whole theoretical basis for the idea was completely smashed a century ago. From a historical perspective, every prediction that socialism would produce nothing but chaos, deprivation, poverty, suffering, and death turned out to be true. If both theory and history scream “Fail!” — and this failure affects things you claim to believe in, such as human rights and dignity — it might be time to rethink.

Among the most conspicuous of socialism’s failings is its capacity to generate vast shortages of things essential for life. This is a universal feature of a socialist “economy,” and it always has been. In Maoist China, there was no meat and no fat in which to cook anything, if you could find something to cook. In Bolshevik Russia, there were never enough cars, apartments, or even loaves of bread. Every Latin American socialist experiment produced the same.

In Venezuela, there is no meat, medicine, flour to make hosts for Communion, or reliable electricity, and the population is reduced to barter. The same is true in North Korea — where toilet paper is scarce and matches are housewarming gifts — the experience of which is a repeat of the tremendous deprivation of every other socialist experiment. Consistent with all evidence, “famine is a disproportionately prevalent outcome of socialist systems,” writes American Enterprise Institute resident scholar Benjamin Zycher. There is no reason to think it will ever be otherwise.

Now, The Daily Mail is reporting that Costco will rent their own container ships to bring products to their stores in the United States and Canada from Asia.

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Costco will rent its own container ships to import products in a bid to ensure their shelves are stocked and to keep costs down as the global shipping crisis threatens the holiday shopping season.

Costco CFO Richard Galanti said on a call with analysts last Thursday that the company had hired three ships to carry goods from Asia to the US and Canada. The move will help them avoid spending the going rate of six times the average price on shipping or renting containers through a third party, according to Galanti.

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Each ship would have the capacity to hold between 8,000 and 1,000 containers at a time. The company has also leased ‘several thousand containers for use on these ships,’ he added.

Costco plans to carry about 10 deliveries over the next year using these ships, taking around 20 percent of its imports from Asia into account.

The warehouse club chain is among a large group of multinational corporations trying to combat an ongoing supply chain crisis that’s causing delays and shortages, including FedEx, Walmart and Home Depot.

Meanwhile, Costco continues to set limits on purchases:

Factors such as a decrease in demand over the first months of COVID-19 in 2020, followed by an overflow at the back end of year, has resulted in delays, port traffic jams, and blockages. A lack of port workers and containers has worsened the situation.

Simultaneously, top retailers are facing the consequences of truck and driver shortages, leading to longer delays and higher costs.

How long before Americans realize Democrats are using the CCP virus to steal elections and convert America to a Socialist nation?


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