Woke retailer Target has recently suffered a significant decline in profits as it pushes to normalize the transgender lifestyle. On Wednesday, Target revealed that its second-quarter profits for this year have fallen nearly 90% after being forced to slash the prices on unwanted merchandise.

The company’s second-quarter net income was only $183 million, after earning $1.82 billion in the same period last year.

In the first quarter, Target also saw its profits fall by 52%.

Target CEO Michael Fiddelke spoke on the company’s recent financial struggles, explaining that they must quickly get rid of the inventory overflow and prep for a successful holiday season.

“If we hadn’t dealt without excess inventory head-on, we could have avoided some short-term pain on the profit line, but that would have hampered our longer-term potential,” said Fiddelke. “While our quarterly profit took a meaningful step down, our future path is brighter.”


Since introducing its transgender agenda in 2016, Target has been angering many of its previous customers and losing business. They began their woke initiative with a policy that allowed transgender-identifying males to use the women’s dressing rooms and bathrooms.

This year, just before “Pride Month,” Target began selling clothing specifically meant to help people ‘transition,’ such as compression tops to flatten a female’s breasts, and packing underwear, which are specifically advertised to trans youth.

The store is also selling a large line of “pride clothing” to promote the LGBTQ+ agenda.

Aside from consumers being frustrated with Target’s attempts to sell these “transition” clothing items to children, individuals have also expressed the dangers of wearing binders.

In 2017, a study revealed that many trans-identifying individuals who use chest binders “experienced at least one negative health outcome from binding including pain, overheating, and shortness of breath. Fifty even reported rib fractures.”

One 20-year-old wrote to the New York Times when they did a story on chest binding. They warned of the dangers of binding, saying, “The longer I used binding, the more I could feel my body deteriorating. The physical pain got worse but so did the emotional. Slowly I began living a life where I couldn’t not bind. The initial euphoria of flatness turned into never being able to get flat enough. My body aches every day, I no longer have the lung capacity I once had, and my ribs have inverted. I fear breaking one when I sneeze.”

Another teen wrote, “Binders tend to be used as a temporary solution to the problem of having breasts and cannot be worn at all times. During exercise, they can restrict breathing, and back and chest pain can come from wearing them for more than about eight hours at a time. You should also never sleep with a binder on.”

While Target’s chest compression items are supposedly less restrictive than a chest binder, it still seems that it is a potentially harmful thing to advertise to youths.

Perhaps the retailer’s years of pushing their woke agenda is catching up to them.

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