Gillian Keegan, the United Kingdom’s Health Minister, has had plenty of allies in the media to overhype the Omicron variant to Covid-19.  The Guardian recently published a headline saying “UK scientists: bring in curbs now or face up to 2m daily Covid infections as Omicron spreads”.   CNN recently published an alarmist headline about the Omicron variant in the UK that read “Britain battles Omicron ‘tidal wave,’ as infections double every two to three days and first death from variant is recorded”.

While most of the media has predictably chosen to be alarmist about the Omicron variant, there are still a few reporters willing to get to the truth of the matter.  Kay Burley, a reporter for Sky News, recently interviewed Keegan, asking her a relatively straightforward question that exposed both the UK government and their apologists in the media.  WATCH:

KB: “How many deaths?”

KB: “From Omicron”
GK: “We’ve had one death with Omicron so far”
KB: “And how many of those 10 people with Omicron are on ventilators”
GK: “I don’t think there’s anybody that I’m aware of on a ventilator with Omicron”
At the time of the interview, there were 37,000 reported infections from the Omicron variant.  Only one person was killed, and none of the 10 hospitalized are on ventilators.
All it take was one simple, straightforward question to dismantle the media and government’s alarmist narratives about the Omicron variant.
UPDATE:  12 people have now reportedly died from the Omicron variant in the United Kingdom as of Monday

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