As the U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments for the lawsuits against Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates, Biden tells governors that there is “no federal solution” for COVID. Rather, he has concluded that it must be “solved at the state level”. 

This confusing statement was made at a press conference on Monday, despite Biden pledging during his campaign to defeat COVID. During the conference, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said, “One word of concern or encouragement for your team is that as you look towards federal solutions that will help alleviate the challenge, make sure that we do not let federal solutions stand in the way of state solutions.” To which Biden responded, “There is no federal solution. This gets solved at the state level.”

When Trump was still in office, Biden’s team mocked Trump’s strategy for controlling the pandemic, saying his administration had “given up on even trying to control this pandemic” and that “they’ve given up on their basic duty to protect the American people.” Now, when faced with the challenge himself, he’s pawning the responsibility off on someone else.

Biden also Tweeted about Donald Trump not having a plan to get COVID under control after 8 months of the pandemic. Over a year later, and Biden is passing this responsibility off to the states because he is still clueless.


Biden is trying to play off his inability to squash the pandemic like he so assuredly pledged he would do. Now that his promises have failed to be fulfilled, he’s trying to avoid blame.



Since Biden thinks there is no federal solution, why is his regime trying so hard to push their vaccine and mask mandates?

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