The World Bank and the United Nations Have Resumed Payments to the Taliban Government

Just when you think that the U.N. can’t get any more useless, they’ve gone and decided that they should pay the Taliban. The war and the terrorist ravaged nation has long been dependent on other countries to foot the bill, however, nearly all of these foreign payments stopped when the Taliban took over.

This just changed.

Hibatullah Akhundzada, current Taliban chief

From Breitbart: Nearly 80 percent of the previous administration’s public spending budget which was used to fund the police, schools, and hospitals, was provided by the international community and has since been suspended due to the regime change.

The U.N.’s resolution – which avoided explicitly using the word ‘Taliban’ – enables the globalist organization to renew work in the region, with only Russia abstaining from the vote

The World Bank also announced on the 1st of March that they will be providing $1 billion in aid to the region via third parties – such as international NGOs – to “support the delivery of essential basic services

The Taliban government of Afghanistan will now receive over one billion US dollars in “aid” from the World Bank, while the United Nations increases their presence in the region. The implicit recognition of a “legitimate” Taliban government in Afghanistan is as dangerous as it is naive. With Iran, there’s already one funded terrorist regime in the regime. We don’t need two.


If the United Nations truly believes that it can change the Taliban by giving them money, despite the Soviet Union and the United States each having tried to deal with the situation in the past, then their stupidity is unimpeachable.

Reminder: The US spent $83 billion in equipment on and for Afghanistan, and left virtually all of it behind during Biden’s disastrous withdrawal. That’s $83 billion in your tax dollars which we will never get back, and $83 billion in high-end military equipment which a radical Islamic government now possesses. And the UN and World Bank want to give them money for even more.

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