Wait for the Left to blame micro-aggressions by the insensitive, non-believers on this repulsive video. After all, this poor Muslim man has been forced to live in a country where they have not yet universally accepted Sharia Law. The German women aren’t wearing the required Sharia compliant clothing. Why should he have to change his ways, or assimilate with the Germans and their culture?

From the rap song:

“I snipe with the Arabs, the Parisians flee”, can be heard, among other things, in this song that mixes the aesthetic standards of rap with the propaganda codes of Islamic State. “I burn the pages of Charlie Hebdo, perforate the pigs (police men) at the Gate of Paris” raps SadiQ in German in this song that multiplies references from jihadists, the Gaza Strip to Shâm (Syria), Guantanamo to the “love” of death.


SadiQ is not unknown across the Rhine. Sadie Zadrande was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1988, and arrived in Germany when he was 6 years old. His first album came out in 2012 on the label Halunkenbande, which has nurtured many other German rappers such as Baba Saad or Dù Maroc. Via: Le Huffington Post


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