The terror attack earlier today in London was stopped by brave citizens who attacked the terrorist with a fire extinguisher and a stick before police arrived and shot the terrorist dead.

The hero citizens stopped the terrorist but not before he was able to stab several people. Two of the people attacked have been pronounced dead.

The anti-gun crowd is saying the citizens stopped the terrorist without a gun but it was the police officers who finally stopped the terrorist by shooting him. This takes nothing away from the brave citizens who were able to subdue the terrorist.

Our previous report on the terror attack includes on-scene video of the terrorist:

The incident has officially been called a terrorist incident by the British authorities:

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The terrorist was also wearing a “hoax explosive device.”

The entire incident was caught on video showing a man in a black coat taking the knife away from the terrorist and then police arriving to take the man away.

The one man who was brave enough to grab the machete is a hero!

The police dealt with the attacker swiftly. Another angle below:


“It has been declared a terrorist incident”

Police confirm London Bridge suspect was shot by officers and died at the scene. He was wearing what officers now believe was a “hoax explosive device”



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